Monday, October 22, 2007

Video on how to get your FREE XBOX 360 Elite!

To get your free xbox 360 elite all you have to do is follow the steps provided in this video. You'll want to pick an offer that you're really interested in.

*Had to take down the video, I have my reasons.*

After watching this informative video just head on over to 360elite4free, get signed up, and pick your offer! That's it! Then share your referral link with all your friends and ask them to do the same thing you just did! In no time you'll have your new xbox 360 elite!

I've already gotten mine. ;P Here is a picture of it:


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just got a free black xbox 360 play & charge kit!!

UPS just dropped off my free black xbox 360 play & charge kit! I got it from another freebie site that I continually work on. You can get as many free prizes that you want from GamingLagoon! At this site all you have to do is fill out simple surveys to earn points. When you earn enough points for the prize you want just put in your request! That's it! No offers to do. I've also gotten a free 3-month xbox live gold membership and 1600 point xbox live card! This site really is awesome!! I love it. :)Here is a pic of my new charger.

Go to GamingLagoon to get your own free gaming gear!

(SCROLL DOWN TO LAST ENTRY TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET A FREE XBOX 360 ELITE... or simply go to 360elite4free!!)

Friday, October 5, 2007


Just to clear up any questions asking whether this sale is for real or not. It is! The xbox 360's that you will receive are brand new and factory packaged. They are NOT re-furbished, used, or otherwise defective in any way. Plus they also come with a warranty just like if you paid retail price for it. They are shipped to you directly from retail stores like Best Buy, which is where I got my xbox 360 elite! ;P A proof pic of the receipt that came in the box is shown below. Of course I cut out any personally identifiable information for security reasons.

Edit: Sorry, blogger cut off part of my pic. But you get the idea.